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Everything you need to know about cannabis vaping!

Cigarette traditional smoking has been around for decades. The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada and other drugs in different regions across the globe has taken the market by storm. This has ignited the need for new and innovative smoking devices. E-cigarettes are the result of this demand and ever since its inception; it has become incredibly popular worldwide. With each passing day, its use is trending, and e-cigarettes are widely becoming known as e-cigs, e-hookahs, weed vape pens, and vapes.

Weed Vape pens

What is Cannabis Vaping?

Before proceeding further, it is essential to have a basic understanding of what exactly is vaping. Vaping is breathing in a vapor that generates through an e-cigarette or any other similar vaping device. Such devices are battery operated and carry a liquid-filled cartridge. Nicotine and cannabis vape oil are the most voguish liquids that are heated into a vapor and inhaled.
Cannabis vaping is the most convenient and strategic way for users to consume cannabis, which is also known as marijuana. It’s a psychoactive drug that is used for various diverse purposes, such as medical & recreational purposes. The most intriguing and main part of cannabis is tetrahydrocannabinol, which is often the center of attraction. Cannabis vaping makes use of different forms of cannabis concentrate, such as wax, hash oil, and dried flower are used increasingly. The cannabis is then placed inside the vape and vaporized to be smoked by the user.

marijuana leaf

How to Vape Cannabis?

With the legalization of cannabis, it is being vaped in several different forms. These range from cannabis concentrates to THC vape oil. Varying amounts of cannabis preferably small amounts are placed inside the vape. Different devices operate differently based on the type of concentrate to be used. Currently, the top trending device is a vape pen. Once the cannabis product is placed inside the vape pen, the cap is placed back on, and a button is pressed to heat the coil. The heat generated vaporizes the cannabis which is then smoked through the mouthpiece. It is preferable to wait for at least 30 seconds before taking the first puff, and one should be gentle with those initial puffs.

Vaping thc vape oil with vape pen

Health Benefits of Vaping Cannabis

There is a lot of ongoing hype about the use of cannabis vaping and the many benefits it confers. Although many people equally view vaping as harmful yet vaping cannabis instead of traditional smoking has been linked to many long-term health benefits. Among the many positive aspects of vaporizing cannabis, the most eye-catching ones are listed below.

⦁ Vaping cannabis is less hazardous as it contains relatively fewer toxins. The consumption of harmful carcinogens, tar, and toxins is substantially reduced. Fewer dangerous substances enter the cardiopulmonary system, thus reducing the chances of having a cough or developing bronchitis and cancer. Each puff is a whopping 95 percent irritant-free.
⦁ An interesting benefit of vaping cannabis is that a lot less smoke is inhaled. When using cannabis lungs are not harmed. Rather their capacity is increased.
⦁ Vaping cannabis is a quick way of relieving pain, anxiety, and nausea. This is due to its quick delivery speed to the major organs such as the brain and heart without passing through the whole digestive system. Many individuals make use of cannabis to obtain instant pain relief.
⦁ Depression is becoming very common across almost every other community. The endocannabinoid substances that are found in cannabis can help in uplifting depression and stabilizing mood among individuals.

vape cannabis for cure depression

⦁ Vaping cannabis is practically odor-free. This saves from irritation or coughing while inhaling.
⦁ It may sound very astonishing, but vaping cannabis has been found to undo some severe damage caused by traditional smoking. This does not mean that it can heal the damage but allows the lungs to heal on their own by proving as a less-irritating substance.

How to Make Cannabis Vape Juice

The rise in the trend of vaping has drastically increased the demand for THC vape oils. Due to the many advantages, it confers it is being used worldwide as an alternative to cigarettes. Staying in regions where cannabis has been legalized, making cannabis vape juice at home is very much possible apart from using it directly. Luckily for profound cannabis vapers, making THC vape juice involves some really simple steps. You will require cannabis buds, cheesecloth, mason jars, propylene glycol, high proof grain alcohol, and aluminum foil. The basic steps are as follows:
⦁ Step 1 – Decarboxylate: Place the finely chopped cannabis buds (almost 6 grams) on aluminum foil and bake it in an oven at 120 Celsius for 15 minutes. Put the baked crispy cannabis into the large mason jar and add alcohol, preferably high proof alcohol. Fill a separate pot with water and immerse the mason jar in it. Slow boil the water and continuously stir the cannabis bud inside the jar. The bud will change color. Remove the pot from flame once the but is dark.
⦁ Step 2 – Strain: Once the excess alcohol has been evaporated, pour the mixture into another empty mason jar covered with cheesecloth. Squeeze the cheesecloth until every single drop is strained out completely.
⦁ Step 3 – Process: Place the second mason jar inside a water-filled pot and boil it. This time, the liquid has to be boiled until only approximately 5 ML of it is left in the jar. The final step is to add propylene glycol (20 MG) into the remaining liquid. Remove the jar and extract the leftover liquid. Store the juice in bottles or as desired.

Best Cannabis Vape Brands for Sale

If you are a fan of cannabis vaping there are several brands available in the market. You can choose from a diverse range of brands present. To aid the decision, here is the list of best cannabis vape brands for sale:
⦁ Vapewear
⦁ BioCBD
⦁ Kandypens
⦁ Select by Cura Cannabis Solutions
⦁ AirVape
⦁ Pulsar
⦁ Migvapor

Vaping Cannabis Vs. Vaping Nicotine

Over the years, vaping has proved to be quite a challenging trend. Vaping cannabis has become the hot alternative to vaping nicotine majorly due to its ease of use, lack of odor, and dominance. Vaping cannabis and nicotine both have their side-effects. The side effects of nicotine outweigh those of cannabis. Vaping cannabis confers several benefits but also trigger irritation and immune system responses. Vaping nicotine, on the contrary, has substantial risks such as heart and digestive ailments. Moreover, it is highly addictive.

Vaping Cannabis Vs. Vaping Nicotine

Cannabis vaping is an emerging trend that is here to stay. Vaping cannabis is considered beneficial to health and lighter on the lungs. Few drawbacks have also been associated with its use, which can to a great extent, be overcome to enjoy a healthier puff.