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Baby Jeeter Pre rolls




Baby Jeeter Pre rolls

Baby Jeeter Pre rolls

Pocket-sized vibes. Our 5 pack of Baby Jeeters is great for sharing with friends…or not. We won’t judge.

Rolling process

Each one of our joints is hand-rolled by a real person in one of our facilities. No robots here! We put extra love and care in each pre-roll to ensure they’re rolled to perfection and provide you with an exceptional smoke every time.

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Jeeter is a lifestyle brand that creates products and experiences for the cannabis industry. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of what’s next in the industry, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation, product design and creativity.


We are pushing the limits of our pre-rolls as we offer you the most powerful pre-rolls in the country. All of our pre rolls are hand-rolled by the best rollers in Colorado. We take our time to ensure only premium flower and liquid diamond concentrate is used with every pre roll we make. Available in multiple strains and sizes, we have the proper THC for any occasion. 20% off for first time buyers!, real luxury at an affordable price.


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