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Cure flower 3.5g






Sticky Tarts from West Coast Cure is a trichome-loaded Sativa cross that’s sure to have the 420-enthusiasts drooling! A loud and proud strain with a sweet floral nose, the flowers express a tight and bulky bud structure that flashes shades of green, purple, and orange. Helping to create the entourage effect, its terpenes produce a mouth-watering flavor of spice, flowers, skunk, and coffee. A productive smoke for those with things to do – Sticky Tarts instills a full-body high that is both peaceful and creative.

In the broadest sense, curing cannabis is no different than curing meats, other plants, or any other food. It is a preservation technique that aims to remove moisture and render a more shelf-stable final product

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Seriously Strawberry, Super Sour, Gotta-Have Grape, Cherry


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