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Muhameds Mambas




Muhameds Mambas

Muhameds Mambas

At your convenience, Muha Mambas are here to get you faded on the go! Forget about smelling like weed and enjoy getting stoned on the low. Mambas are infused with a flavorless THC & custom made to get you baked.

Muha Mamba’s hand crafted natural ingredients lead to impeccable flavoring and easy digestion. If you are new or sensitive to edibles, half a serving will get the mind right, a full serving to mellow you out, and two or more servings to put you on your ass.

Sweet and Sour, a timeless recipe infused into the Muha Meds universe. The perfect amount of sweetness followed by a heavy tart. What more does one need when their favorite candy gets them stoned? A perfect twist of sweet and sour mouthwatering masterpiece, this hybrid is a great compliment to any adventure, providing an enjoyable balanced high.


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Seriously Strawberry, Super Sour, Gotta-Have Grape, Cherry


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